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Join us at Positive Help and be part of something great!

Volunteering with Positive Help is a meaningful way to help empower some of the most vulnerable children and families in the Lothians. It is an opportunity to develop and enjoy new experiences together. You will connect with a wider community, meet new people, learn new skills and share what you know.

We are currently looking for volunteers for the roles of Children`s Befrienders and Study Buddies to inspire the young minds of children affected by HIV and Hepatitis.

About Befriending:
As a Befriender you will build a positive relationship with a child or young person to build their self-confidence and enable them to try new experiences. You will meet fortnightly for 3 hours to
spend one-on-one time together. You will choose what activities you will do together such as visiting the Zoo, going kayaking, or climbing Arthur`s Seat.

About Study Buddies:
As a Study Buddy you will support the learning and development of a child or young person. You will meet weekly for 1-2 hours to spend one-on-one time together. You will choose what kind of
learning to do together: from doing maths exercises, to exploring nature, developing the child`s motor skill by doing crafts or doing physical activity.

Volunteer Specifications:
Many of the children and young people we support have Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that continue to negatively impact their wellbeing, development, and behaviour. However,
research confirms that support from a positive role model can negate these experiences and Positive Help have tried and tested methods of doing this built up over 32 years.

As a Befriender/Study Buddy you will be kind, patient and see yourself as that positive role model. The commitment of time is extremely important to help inspire them and improve their life chances. Comprehensive training is given, all expenses are paid and all volunteers are supported by a staff member in the Positive Help team.

We support a growing number of families of colour and would like to particularly encourage Black people and people of colour to apply for these opportunities.

To learn more and apply please see the information provided on our website.

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Listen to Natasha on what it is like to volunteer: https://twitter.com/PositiveHelpEdi/status/1400769138000285699

We look forward to sharing with you how you can inspire young minds!