Spectris Work Experience – STEM


Are you interested in pursuing a career in engineering, science, or anything to do with STEM? Would you like to gain some rare and invaluable work experience with multiple global FTSE companies? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

We are excited to announce that on Wednesday, 12th of April from 9am-3pm, we will be hosting a virtual work experience day with Spectris, Malvern Panalytical, HBK and Servomex!

Spectris are a FTSE company and own all the other science and engineering-based companies mentioned above. Collectively they operate in over 30 countries, employ over 7,500 people globally, and have generated a revenue of over a billion pounds as of 2022! Each of the companies Spectris owns specialises in a very specific areas of science and engineering and during this work experience day you will get the opportunity to take part in workshops and network with each of their companies.

Participating in an event such as this will not only allow you to learn more about industry, but it will also give you a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience that will be beneficial for adding value to your CV and LinkedIn profile. This will show employers (including Spectris) that you are proactive and looking to develop your skillset before entering the workplace, which can help you to be recognised as an ambitious and motivated individual as well as allowing you to stand out from other students.

Please sign up for this incredible opportunity, by using the link below. 

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